$1000 Donation for Kids from Aussie Cook Islander


After putting the post up about the donation that Clive Nicholas gave to purchase new equipment on the website and facebook page, John Aitoa Snr got in contact with the facebook admin and got in contact with the Coach Byron as he saw that he was in Sydney.

John Aitoa Snr used to play for the club back in the day and now living in Australia and wanted to give back something to the Club and enjoyed seeing the updates on the facebook page and was travelling back and was excited about seeing the game tomorrow.

John donated $1000 towards the kids team which has been one of the biggest for the juniors for some time.

Coach Byron “It was cool I was having lunch after posting the article and saw a message from John so we had a conversation over the phone and he informed to meet him in Mascot in a hour. I messaged Clive back in Raro and he was like who’s the guy donating and passed on John details and said he played with his brother John ect back in the day… so we met and got chatting about his involvement in the club and what he does here in Sydney we got talking and yea then he passed on $1000! I was blown away, I had no expectation even if I got $50 I would have been happy that would have been a couple of balls but to get that much was a huge surprise and I’m very grateful for John’s donation towards the Juniors just means more gears for the kids”.

I know him my brother John …Jj and Tamas dad…they played together thru the ranks and was close them and Terry Piri

When we asked Byron what the money would go toward he said “Yea definitely some new equipment like passing targets comes to mind and some new balls but also we’ll use some of money to buy some equipment for the netball kids as well and lastly just to cover some the game day costs as for each home game we put on a feed on for the kids so yea it go a long way”.

More over “We’re the only club in the Cook Islands to have a website and besides just updating scores it gives us a way to produce our own content to that anyone that donates a greater way to thank them and attract some new sponsors which it has done and John is a great example. We also have the most active and updated Facebook page so it goes to show that our supporters overseas appreciate it and if give the chance to donate that there are many people willing to help out which is really encouraging going forward”.

The boys are still needing some tackling bags so we’ll have to devise a way of purchasing those as they are not cheap around $150-200 a pop and then we’d need to ship them up as they are quite bulky so logistically its bit of challenge but that’s the perks of living in the Cook Islands.

Lastly John informed if there was a easier avenue to people to donate funds toward the club that communities overseas could utilize would be a good idea for the club to look into.

We are grateful for any donation toward the Juniors so if you’d like to help out please get in touch.