The Heart and the Soul was over the moon bcos of the turn out and the commitment of the kids and some of the boys! 1 of Cook Islands and Avatius top Athlete for years Lui Nicholas alongside his trustees Clive and Kane Napa EVERY YEAR since the days of Peto Nicholas, Baker Kaitamaki and Sarge Tutai stil there tryna keep that Athletic Culture in our club going!!! Kids need to kno that to be good at what u do in any code u have to have a background and base with athletics!!!

Today’s athletes Jared Hayne, Lachlan Turner, Tepai Moeroa all hav strong background in athletics!!! Today all the die hard AVATIU – NIKAO was there full force!!! Thanx to those who came!! Great turn out for the club best overall compared to other villages. We won the comp overall. Big thanks to all the parents for bringing their kids down and athletes that took part this year. Everyone did their part today from young to Fartacis. Thanks goes to Athletics Cook Islands for putting this on again this year. #eelzit Blue Blue! Mana